Kitchen Secrets: What are Mise en Place and Bouquet Garni?

August 17, 2014

Getting everything ready before you attempt a multi-step recipe is key to successful cooking and baking. In this episode of Foodista's Kitchen Secrets follow The Chef In The Hat, Thierry Rautureau, as he explains what Mise en Place and Bouquet Garni are and how they will help you cook like a chef!

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Video Transcription

The other secret of good cooking, especially when you're doing multi-task for a stew or braising or anything like this is "mise en place." It's a french word that means "to be in place." Get all your ingredients diced up, ready to go, measured up. Your grapeseed oil. Your bouquet garni. Bouquet garni, what is that? That's a French word. That means a garnish bouquet referring to a very classic pouch made of cheese cloth and string. You put it together just like you would any other bag. The idea is that when you use a bag is when you don't want these ingredients to be left in the stew at the end of the cooking and easily removed from there. Just tie it up really nicely, double knot. One of the greatest thing to do with this bouquet garni is to try to have a string long enough to attach to the handle of the pot and then you can put it like this and right into your pot when you're ready to go.