August 7, 2011

I love the sweet and spicy flavor of a fruit and hot pepper jam. Peach and jalapeno peppers are...

August 4, 2011

It is officially tomato season and although I love eating the fresh slices with a dash of salt, I...

August 3, 2011
freezer jam jelly

Freezer jam is one of the easiest ways of preserving fruit! Often ready in less than half an hour,...

August 3, 2011
tomato jam

Tomato Jam is a popular condiment throughout Europe and is beginning to become more widely...

August 3, 2011

Here's a hint: it's all in the fruit. There was a time, not long ago, when I stood in the...

August 2, 2011
raspberry freezer jam

With an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in season it's time for putting up! Search for...

July 20, 2011

This is an easy way to take a few of those extra strawberries that need to be used and make a...

July 9, 2011
New Belgium Brewing Company

Most craft brew is strictly packaged in bottles, but New Belgium Brewing Company offers three of...

July 6, 2011

Please use organic produce for this, since you will be eating the skins. Delish!

February 16, 2011

I LOVE cheesecake in jars! I don't know how I ate them any other way. You'll impress everyone with...

December 10, 2010

The recipe makes about eight 1 pint jars. Use the basic equipment for boiling water bath canning.

December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010