July 25, 2011
caprese sliders

For foodies, there is no better way to celebrate the peak of summer than to cook.  These blog...

July 21, 2011
Caprese Salad

A simple Caprese Salad is just the thing after working in the garden all day. Our own Goat's...

July 21, 2011

So fresh and easy to make! We use goat milk mozz, Balsamic vinegar and any variety of basil that...

July 13, 2011
heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are most typically grown from seeds handed down through time that have not been...

July 10, 2011

There are so many ways to coat green tomatoes. This is just one way to do it. These are crunchy...

July 9, 2011
chicken cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore is prepared "hunter's style" or braised with tomatoes, onions,...

July 5, 2011
caprese salad

Sometimes you just want to eat something simple.  What could be better on a summer evening...

July 4, 2011
roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetable sandwiches are part of my kitchen repertoire.  I change my vegetables...

July 3, 2011

It started as a recipe I found in a cookbook and then I've tweaked it from there. I love this...

July 2, 2011

A summer fresh, cold veggie salad bursting with fresh flavor!

June 30, 2011

a nice use of fresh tomatoes in the summer!

June 19, 2011


June 19, 2011

A wonderful, spicy, and EASY to make appetizer/party salad that's great for a party or crowd....

May 24, 2011

A specialty of the Puglia region of Italy. Similar to a calzone, but juicier.

May 13, 2011


May 11, 2011