Question: How Much Lemon Juice Concentrate Equals 1 Tbsp Of Lemon Juice?

April 22, 2010


Chris Paulk's picture

If you're using a crystalized concentrate like True Lemon, then 1 packet equals 1 Tbsp of lemon juice.
If you are using concentrated lemon juice from a bottle- then it's a straight off trade. 1 Tbsp concentrated= 1 Tbsp fresh.

Curt's picture

Don't buy concentrated lemon juice. Either buy fresh squeezed (available in most grocery store fresh juice section of the produce department) or buy fresh lemons and squeeze with any of the readily available gadgets...squeezer like plyers, old fashioned lemon squeeze devices and food processor attachments. Use real ingredients as often as you can in what ever you fyi - all concentrated juices will have a recipe on the label or a ratio of concentrate to water.