Question: I made Navy bean soup with a ham hock and the soup is too salty can I have a remedy to make it less salty?

February 28, 2011


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You can add more of other ingrediants or some other spices like pepper to kind of counterbalance perhaps.

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It wouldn't be Navy Bean soup any longer, but potatoes can really absorb salt. You might try dicing up 1-2 and adding to the soup, then cooking until the potatoes are tender.

In the future, you can soak ham hocks in cold water to remove salt. Change the water a couple of times until you reach the desired salt level.

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Great! Let us know how it works out. Oh and you will likely want to add more water because the potatoes will thicken the soup too.

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You can soak the ham in water to remove some of the salt. This is done with fish and I've had to soak Prosciutto when using in soup also.


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Peel and quarter a couple of potatoes. Cook and allow them to soak up salt. Remove potatoes from soup and save to use later. Hope it comes out ok.

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