Question: Recipe Nutrition Analysis program

August 4, 2011
I have used Nutricook for years to analyse recipes but it has been discontinued. What are all of you using that is cheap? Also up to date with things like the USDA databases, etc. I've looked at a few and don't seem to like most so would love to know what you guys are using. Thanks much.


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I've used most recently and several others online. I rarely get the exact same data.

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I have used NutriBase Personal Manager for years - currently on Version 6. I've been very happy with it - uses data from USDA, you can create your own Preferred Foods List so you don't have to look up commonly used foods or ingredients, you can input ingredients from a recipe and how many servings it makes and then can get nutritional information per serving - and it saves those recipes. You can conduct searches by food or brand name. You can rank order foods by a variety of nutritional information (for example, ready to eat breakfast cereal from lowest to highest calories). I use it for my cookbook / recipe writing. You can also use it personally by inputting your daily intake, setting alarms (when the carb count approaches 250 grams, for example), and your physical activity. It will perform several analyses on the data and create reports. I recommend NutriBase!

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Version 6 might be easy but the demo for Version 9 is complicated. What I want to do is Enter Ingredients, Analysis the Recipe for nutrition. Get that data out to add to my personal cookbook. All the other stuff in the program is useless to me. I am happy to see that they stay up to date on the USDA database

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I use NutrionData on for all the nutritional information I use in my blog posts. I use it for ingredients, but they also have a lot of prepared foods, including fast food items.

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I don't really like online solutions especially if I have to register.

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If you're looking to buy one, and you're looking for a tracker to go with it, Weight-By-Date Pro is what I use in my nutrition consulting business. It was originally developed for weight-loss purposes but you can customize which nutrients are shown for your personal needs. I like that it does give you a macronutrient breakdown in a pie chart as well and allows you to add specific foods that aren't in their database.

For free, has by far been the most accurate and useful in calculating recipes, it is very detailed and again you can add foods not in the database for your own use. It saves your added recipes into a "recipe box" that you can keep private or share with the community. It's what I use for my blog.