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July 30, 2014
I keep seeing all of these one pot pasta dishes online.So, I decided to try it with another dish that I knew my family would eat.
July 29, 2014
I love to make well known, classic recipes even healthier.I have substituted the pasta with a very Nordic ingredient, cabbage. And it is actually surprisingly good!
July 28, 2014
This Sweet Potato, Kale and Shrimp Skillet is so easy to make for lunchtime or busy weeknight meal. It will take only a few minutes to be ready on your table.
July 27, 2014
Although the name of this dish is Tofu Drunken Noodles, no alcohol was actually used here. Most of the ingredients are veggies, so it really is a pretty easy recipe to make.
July 25, 2014
This Sweet and Spicy Asian Salmon with Blueberry Pineapple Salsa will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the finest restaurant in Alaska, eating the finest fish prepared by the finest cook.
July 24, 2014
I wanted to recreate my favorite ice cream flavor in an easy mint chocolate chip popsicle, and I love how it turned out!
July 23, 2014
This week recipe is a truly delicious soup perfect for serving ice-cold and it's particularly refreshing
July 22, 2014
If you are torn between trying something new and exotic, and just making a big plate of fries… this is the perfect recipe for you.
July 21, 2014
This curry couldn’t be any easier to make. Plus, with only 6 ingredients to scrounge up, you really don’t have any excuse not to make it.
July 20, 2014
My kids do not care much for green beans in general, but this recipe had them not only enjoying them, but reaching for more. The coating is delicious and, just like French fries
July 19, 2014
This is a perfect summertime meal. A cool, crunchy, creamy wrap that requires minimal effort and zero cooking.
July 18, 2014
Chicken, bacon, and pasta mix with ranch dressing and a spicy pepper jack cheese to create a delicious dinner that everyone will enjoy.
July 17, 2014
This black bean mango quinoa salad is honestly one of my favorite meals to make because it only takes around 15 minutes to prepare and you eat it cold!
July 16, 2014
These kabobs would be an interesting way to serve an antipasto platter at your next party or BBQ, you’re guests would be way more impressed than a bowl of salad thrown on the table.
July 14, 2014
This is a pretty easy dessert to make, its similar to a Dutch Baby or German apple pancake.
July 13, 2014
It's just pure banana goodness, rolled and covered with sea salted roasted pistachios. You'll enjoy this sweet-and-salty pairing.
July 12, 2014
This chicken stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella and basil is just fantastic!
July 11, 2014
I found this recipe many months ago and it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. It’s both yummy and beautiful.Give this salad recipe a try, you won’t be disappointed.
July 10, 2014
I don't feel like the weekend is a success if I don't have at least one well prepared hot breakfast. Last weekend, this quiche did the job just nice.
July 8, 2014
Crockpot chicken chili is the perfect meal for these long, hot summer days! I love the slow cooker for cooking chicken!