Imperial Red Delicious Apple


The many strains of popular apple varieties are naturally occurring mutations that have been selected, for the most part, by growers who discovered them in their orchards. It is noted that the coloring pattern is either ‘striped’ or ‘blush’ and the growth habit of the tree is either ‘non-spur’ or ‘spur.’ The term ‘spur’ applies to strains with a higher number of fruit buds (spurs) per length of branch. Many commercial growers prefer spur types for several reasons. They are easier to trim, and they generally produce comparatively more fruit than non-spur trees of a similar size. Additionally, the spur-type growth habit usually produces a smaller tree.


Translations: Imperial Red Delicious μήλο, Imperial Red Delicious obuolių, الامبراطورية أبل لذيذ الأحمر, Імператорський Red Delicious Apple, Imperial Apple Red Delicious, インペリアルレッドおいしいアップル, Crvena jabuka Imperial Delicious, Imperial Apple Red Delicious, אפל הקיסרי טעים האדום, Царски Црвена јабука делишес, 임페리얼 레드 맛있는 애플, Imperial Red delicious Apple, शाही लाल स्वादिष्ट सेब, Imperial Apple Red Delicious, Imperial Apple Red Delicious, 印度红苹果美味, Императорский Red Delicious Apple, Imperial Apple Xarxa Delicious, Imperial Червена превъзходна ябълка



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