Chasan Grapes


This is a crossing of two grape varieties, Chardonnay and Listan (also known as Palomino), which was developed at Domaine de Cazes. When carefully vinified it exhibits Chardonnay aromas and flavours, but with generally lower acidity.


Translations: Chasan Vīnogas, Chasan Vynuogės, Chasan Struguri, Grožđe Chasan, Chasan Nho, Winogrona Chasan, Chasan Druiven, Chasan अंगूर, Uvas Chasan, Часан виноград, Χασάν Σταφύλια, العنب Chasan, Chasan 포도, Chasan bobulí, Цхасан грожђа, Chasan mga ubas, 慈葡萄, Chasan Raïms, Chasan Grozdje, Chasan bobúľ, Chasan Uva, Chasan ענבי, Chasan Vindruvor, Chasan Anggur, Chasanブドウ, Cépages Chasan, Chasan Trauben, Chasan Druer, Chasan Druer, Chasan Uvas, Години виноград, Chasan Viinirypäleet, Chasan Грозде



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