Refosco Grapes


Refosco is an Italian family of dark-skinned grape varieties native to the northern Italian areas of Friuli, Gavi, and Trentino.[1] Refosco is also grown in Slovenian, and Croatian parts of Istria, under the name of Refošk, or Teran, respectively. The grape is also known as Terlan or Terlano.

The wines this grape yields can be quite powerful and tannic, with a deep violet color and a slight bitterness. On the palate, there is strong currant, wild berry, and plum. The wine can stand some aging, and after a period of four-to-ten years, it achieves a floral quality as well.

In Friuli, there is a sub-variety of Refosco known as Refosco dal Pedunculo Rosso, the Refosco with the red stalk (peduncle), referring to the red stem that holds the grapes to the vine. In the attempt of making the wine more approachable to an international palate, recent versions have taken well to new oak and cold fermentation.


Translations: Refosco Vīnogas, Refosco Vynuogės, Refosco Struguri, Grožđe Refosco, Refosco Nho, Winogrona Refosco, Refosco Druiven, Refosco अंगूर, Uvas Refosco, Рефоско виноград, Refosco Σταφύλια, العنب Refosco, Refosco 포도, Refosco bobulí, Рефосцо грожђа, Refosco mga ubas, Refosco葡萄, Refosco Raïms, Grozdje refošk, Refosco bobúľ, Uve Refosco, Refosco ענבי, Refosco Vindruvor, Refosco Anggur, リフォスコブドウ, Cépages Refosco, Refosco Trauben, Refosco Druer, Refosco Druer, Refosco Uvas, Рефоско виноград, Refosco Viinirypäleet, Refosco Грозде



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