Japanese Pepper


The Japones Pepper is a smallish pepper, roughly three inches in length, that matures to a red color and is known for being an exceptionally spicy ingredient in Asian foods.


Other names: Japones Pepper
Translations: Japānas Pepper, Japonijos Pipirai, Japoneză Pepper, Japanski Pepper, Nhật Pepper, Japoński Pepper, Japanse peper, जापानी पेप्पर, Japonês Pepper, Японский перец, Ιαπωνικά Pepper, اليابانية الفلفل, 일본어 페퍼, Japonský Pepř, Jepang Lada, 日本辣椒, Pebre japonesa, Japonski Pepper, Japonský Korenie, Pepper giapponese, היפנים פפר, Japanska Pepper, Јапански бибер, 日本のペッパー, Pepper japonais, Japanische Pepper, Japansk Peber, Japansk Pepper, Pimienta japonesa, Японський перець, Japanin Pepper, Японски пипер



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