In India , fenugreek seeds are mixed with yogurt and used as a conditioner for hair. It is one of the three ingredients of idli and dosa (Tamil). It is also one of the ingredients in the making of khakhra , a type of bread. It is used in injera /taita, a type of bread unique to Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine .

It is also sometimes used as an ingredient in the production of clarified butter (Amharic: qibé , Ethiopian and Eritrean Tigrinya : tesme ), which is similar to Indian ghee. I

In Egypt , fenugreek seeds are prepared as tea, by being boiled then sweetened. This is a popular winter drink served in coffee shops. In other parts of the Middle East fenugreek is used in a variety of sweet confections.

Jews customarily eat fenugreek during the meal of the first and/or second night of Rosh Hashana (The New Year). It is green and is similar to the verb ירבו (to increase) in Hebrew, which symbolically signifies a prayer that their merits will increase. Yemenite Jews often prepare a foamy substance from fenugreek seeds that they add to soups.

In the United States , where maple syrup is popular, fenugreek is widely used as a substitute for maple syrup flavoring.
It is widely used in pickle as a spice and in south indian dishes and in Achar Gosht.


Other names: मेथी सीड्स, வெந்தயம், Methi dana, మెంతులు, মেথি Methi, Methi Seeds
Translations: Grieķu trigonellu Seed, Vaistinė ožragė sėklų, Seminţele de schinduf, Piskavica sjemena, Fenugreek hạt giống, Nasiona kozieradki, Fenegriek Seed, मेथी के बीज, Fenugreek семенной, Fenugreek σπόροι, بذور الحلبة, 호로파 종자, Pískavice semen, Fenugreek Buto, 胡芦巴种子, Fenugreek llavors, Triplat Seed, Pískavice semien, Semi di fieno greco, גרגרנית יוונית זרע, Bockhornsklöver Seed, Пискавица семена, コロハ種子, Graines de fenugrec, Bockshornklee Seed, Bukkehorn Frø, Fenugreek semillas, Fenugreek насіннєвий, Sarviapila Seed, Сминдух семена

Physical Description

Small seeds of Qasuri Methi.

Colors: brown

Tasting Notes

Flavors: bitter
Mouthfeel: Sharp

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: It is widely adultrated with colour therefore select pure light brown free of colour.
Buying: indian grocessory stores



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