Irish Red Ale


Irish Red Ale is also known as red ale or Irish ale. It is slightly reddish in color from the smal amount of roasted barley. In the United States, the name can be used to describe a darker amber ale.


Translations: Īru Red Ale, Airijos Red Ale, Irlandeză Roşie Ale, Irski Crveni Ale, Ailen Red Ale, Ale Red Irlandii, Ierse Red Ale, आयरिश लाल यवसुरा, Red Ale irlandês, Ирландский Красный Ale, Ιρλανδική Red Ale, آل الأحمر الايرلندي, 아일랜드어 레드 에일, Irský červenobílý Ale, Ирски Црвена Але, Irish Red serbesa, 爱尔兰红阿勒, Ale Roja irlandesa, Irski Red Ale, Írsky červenobiely Ale, עלה אדום אירית, Irländsk röd Ale, Irlandia Merah Ale, アイルランドレッドエール, Ale-Rouge irlandaise, Irsk Rød Ale, Irsk rød Ale, Ale Roja irlandesa, Ірландський Червоний Ale, Irlannin Red Ale, Ирландски червен Ale



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