Gion Edamame Soybean


The Japanese name for fresh SOYBEANS, Edamame, which are usually bright to dark green, are available fresh in Asian markets from late spring to early fall, they're also available frozen.


Translations: Gion Edamame Sojas, Gion Edamame Sojų, Gion Edamame soia, Regiji Edamame soje, Gion Edamame đậu tương, Soja Edamame Gion, Gion verse sojabonen Soja, इलाके Edamame सोयाबीन, Gion soja Edamame, Гион Edamame сои, Gion Σόγια edamame, جيون Edamame فول الصويا, 기온 에다 마메의 된장, Gion Edamame Sója, Гиону Едамаме соје, Gion Edamame toyo, 祗园毛豆大豆, Gion soja Edamame, Niko Edamame sojino, Giona Edamame Sója, Gion Edamame soia, גיון סויה Edamame, Gion Edamame sojabönor, Gion Kedelai Edamame, 祇園枝豆大豆, Soja edamame Gion, Gion edamame Soybean, Gion Edamame Soyabønne, Gion soja edamame, Гіон Edamame сої, Gion Edamame Soija, Gion Edamame соя



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