Cactus Pear


The Cactus Pear is the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, native to the Americas, which is peeled and eaten raw, juiced or to make candy. The sweet, juicy flesh is filled with small hard seeds, which can be either removed by juicing, or simply swallowed. The young stems of the plant are used in nopales.


Other names: in spanish ), Prickly Pear ( "tuna"
Translations: Kaktuss Bumbieru, Κάκτος Αχλάδι, الصبار الكمثرى, Cactus Hruška, カクタスペア, Cactus Kruška, Cactus Hruška, Cactus Pera, Opuncji, Кактус Крушка, 선인장 배, Peras-dalaga, Kaktus Pear, कैक्टस नाशपाती, קקטוס אגס, Кактус Пер, El nopal, 仙人掌梨, Kaktus Pear, Кактус Пэр, El nopal

Physical Description

Colors: red, green

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet


History: the plant name is Nopal ( in spanish)



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