Bailan Melon


The Bailan melon is a sweet melon grown near Lanzhou in China. In fact, the melon is so commonly associated with this area that it is sometimes called the Lanzhou melon. Light yellow or white with pale green flesh, it closely resembles the honeydew melon and is likely from the same family.


Translations: Bailan Πεπόνι, Bailan الشمام, Bailan Pepene galben, Bailan Lubenica, Bailan מלון, 白兰瓜, Bailan 멜론, Bailan melon, Bailan तरबूज, Bailan дыни, Ballen Meló, Bailan дині, Bailanメロン, Баилан диња, Bailan Melón, Bailan пъпеш



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