Marcona Almond


A shorter, rounder creamier version of the well-known sweet almond. Originated in Spain. Marcona almonds are often served lightly fried in oil, and used in a Spanish dessert called turrón.


Other names: Spanish Almond
Translations: Marcona Αμύγδαλο, Marcona اللوز, Marconi Mandľový, Маркона Алмонд, Amande Marcona, マルアーモンド, Badem Marcona, Marcona Mandlový, Marcona שקדים, Марцона Бадем, Marcona 아몬드, Marcona बादाम, Almendra Marcona, Marcona Amêndoa, 马尔科纳杏仁, Маркона Алмонд, Ametlla Marcona, Marcona бадеми

Physical Description

Marcona almonds are shorter and rounder than regular almonds. They also appear flatter in appearance.

Colors: brown skin - when husked- creamy white

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet, earthy
Mouthfeel: Crunchy, Buttery, Nutty, Earthy
Food complements: Tomatoes, Rosemary
Wine complements: Sherry, Red & white wine
Beverage complements: Sparkling water, Vodka, Gin
Substitutes: Almonds, Cashews

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Marcona almonds are often sold bagged and roasted. Look for almonds that are roasted in a minimum of oil and fresh.
Buying: Sold in most grocery stores.

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