Bire De Garde


Name literally means "beer which has been kept or lagered." Three main variations are included in the style: the brown (brune), the blond (blonde), and the amber (ambrée). The darker versions will have more malt character, while the paler versions can have more hops (but still are malt-focused beers). A related style is Bière de Mars, which is brewed in March (Mars) for present use and will not age as well. Attenuation rates are in the 80-85%% range. Some fuller-bodied examples exist, but these are somewhat rare.


Translations: ビレデガルデ, البيرة دو غارد, De Bire Garde, Bire de Garde, Bire de Garde, Bire 드 자세, Bire de Garde, Bire Garde דה, Дву-де-Garde, Bire de Garde, Bire डी Garde, Bire de Garde, Дво-де-Garde, 比热德前卫, Бире де Гарде, Bire de Garde



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