Carignan Grapes


The best Carignan wines are usually made from low yielding older vines where the vine's natural propensity to over-produce is curtailed. Too often Carignan wines are acidic, tannic and bitter. Some growers have had some success using the Carbonic Maceration technique to produce softer more round and fruity wines.


Translations: Carignan Vīnogas, Carignan Vynuogės, Struguri Carignan, Carignan Grožđe, Carignan Chùm nho, Winogrona Carignan, Carignan Druiven, Carignan अंगूर, Uvas Carignan, Carignan виноград, Carignan Σταφύλια, Carignan العنب, Carignan 포도, Carignan Hrozny, Carignan Anggur, Carignan ubas, 佳利酿葡萄, Raïms Carinyena, Carignan Grozdje, Carignan Hrozno, Carignan Uvaggio, ענבי קריניאן, Carignan Druvor, Царигнан Грожђе, カリニャンブドウ, Carignan Cépages, Carignan Trauben, Carignan Druer, Carignan Druer, Uvas Cariñena, Carignan виноград, Carignan Viinirypäleet, Carignan Гроздето



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