Arënkha Msc


A caviar substitute made from smoked herring, squid ink, lemon juice, and spices. The texture and taste are similar to true caviar, but it is far less expensive.


Translations: Arënkha MSC, Arënkha修士課程, Arënkha mgr, Arënkha »ماجستير, Arënkha magisterský, Аренкха мр, Arënkha Master, Arënkha 석사, Arënkha magisterský, Arënkha thạc sĩ, Arënkha mgr, Arënkha Мск, Arënkha MSc, Arënkha МСК, Arënkha顺昌, Arënkha mag, Arënkha msc, Arënkha Магистър

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Smoked herring pearls

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