Abacaxi Pineapple


Large, juicy fruit of the pineapple plant, which belongs to the bromeliad family and is native to South and Central America but now cultivated in many other tropical areas, such as Hawaii and Queensland, Australia. The plant's mauvish flowers are produced in the second year, and afterwards join with their bracts (specialized leaves protecting the buds) to form the fleshy fruit, which looks like a giant cone. (Genus Ananas comosus, family Bromeliaceae.)

For export to world markets the fruits are cut unripe and lack the sweet juiciness typical of the canned pineapple (usually the smoother-skinned Cayenne variety), which is allowed to mature fully.


Translations: Abacaxi Ananasų, Ananas Abacaxi, Abacaxi Dứa, Abacaxi अनानस, Abacaxi Abacaxi, Abacaxi Ананас, Abacaxi Ανανάς, Abacaxi الأناناس, Abacaxi 파인애플, Abacaxi ananas, Abacaxi Nanas, Abacaxi pinya, Abacaxi菠萝, Abacaxi Pinya, Abacaxi ananás, Abacaxi Ananas, Abacaxi אננס, Абацаки Ананас, Abacaxiパイナップル, Abacaxi ananas, Abacaxi Piña, Abacaxi Ананас, Abacaxi Ananas, Abacaxi Ананас



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