Autumn Royal Apricot


The fruit of the Autumn Royal Apricot Tree is an oval, medium to large apricot with pale orange, firm, juicy flesh. This high quality apricot has yellow skin with an orange cheek and is valuable as fresh fruit, canning, or drying. Autumn Royal is the only late ripening apricot known. The Autumn Royal Apricot Tree's fruit ripens in September. 500 chill hours, self fertile.


Translations: Rudens Royal Aprikožu, Rudens Karaliaus Abrikosų, Toamna Royal caise, Jesen Royal marelica, Thu Mai Hoàng gia, Jesienią Royal Apricot, शरद ऋतु रॉयल खूबानी, Autumn Apricot Real, Осень Королевский абрикос, Φθινόπωρο Royal Βερίκοκο, الخريف المشمش الملكي, 가을 로얄 살구, Podzimní Royal Meruňka, Autumn Royal Aprikot, 皇家秋天杏, Autumn Royal albercoc, Autumn Royal Marelični, Jesenné Royal Meruňka, Autumn Royal Albicocca, הסתיו המלכותי Apricot, Hösten Royal Aprikos, Јесен Краљевски Кајсија, オータムロイヤルアプリコット, Automne abricot Royal, Efterår Royal Abrikos, Høst Royal Apricot, Autumn Royal albaricoque, Осінь Королівський абрикос, Syksy Royal Aprikoosi, Есен Royal Кайсия



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