Flavored Rum


Some manufacturers sell rums which they have infused with flavors of fruits such as mango, orange, citrus, coconut or lime. These serve to flavor similarly themed tropical drinks which generally comprise less than 40%% alcohol, and are also often drunk neat or on the rocks.


Translations: Aromatizēts Rum, Tematikos Romas, Aromatizat Romul, Aromatizovan Rum, Rum aromatyzowane, Gekruide Rum, अनुरूपित रम, Sabor de Rum, Ароматный ром, Αρωματισμένα Ρούμι, النكهة رم, 맛이 럼, Ochucené Rum, Rasa Rum, May lasa rhum, 味朗姆酒, Amb gust de rom, Okusom Rum, Ochutené Rum, בטעם רום, Smaksatt Rom, Ароматизован рум, 風味ラム, Rhum aromatisé, Smaksstoffer Rum, Con sabor a ron, Ароматний ром, Maustettu Rum, Ориентирано Ром



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