Cassia Indonesian Cinnamon


This is the cinnamon flavor with which we are most familiar. From Indonesia, it accounts for most of the cassia cinnamon imported into the US. Although lacking the depth of the China cinnamon, the flavor is quite smooth. Often this is the cinnamon of choice for commercial bakeries because of its good flavor and lower cost.


Translations: Cassia Indonēzijas Cinnamon, Cassia Indonezijos Cinamonas, Cassia indoneziană Scorţişoară, Cassia Indonezijski Cimet, Cassia Indonesia Quế, Cassia indonezyjski Cinnamon, Kaneel Cassia Indonesische, कैसिया इंडोनेशियाई दालचीनी, Cassia Canela Indonésia, Кассиа индонезийской корицы, Cassia Ινδονησίας Κανέλα, كاسيا القرفة الاندونيسية, 계수나무 인도네시아어 계피, Cassia indonéské Skořice, Cinnamon Cassia Indonesia, Kawayan ng kassia Indonesian kanela, 卡西亚印尼肉桂, Cassia Indonèsia Canela, Cassia Indonezijščina Cimet, Cassia indonézskej Škorica, Cassia Cannella indonesiano, קסיה אינדונזית קינמון, Cassia indonesiska Kanel, Цимет Цимет Индонежански, カシアインドネシアシナモン, Cassia Cinnamon indonésienne, Cassia indonesischen Zimt, Cassia indonesiske Kanel, Cassia Indonesisk Cinnamon, Cassia Indonesia Canela, Каса індонезійської кориці, Касия Индонезийски Канела



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