Marshall Strawberry


The Marshall strawberry is a rare strawberry variety only found in the Pacific Northwest. Renewing America's Foot Traditions, R.A.F.T. considers the Marshall strawberry at risk of extinction. The strawberry was discovered by Marshall F. Ewell of Massachusetts in 1890. This strawberry is now only cultivated by a few private growers. Likely only found at farmer's markets today. It is considered by many, one of the most delicious strawberry varieties.


Other names: Heirloom Strawberry
Translations: Marshall Φράουλα, Maršalo Braškių, مارشال الفراولة, Marshall Mansikka, Marshall aux fraises, Marshall capsuni, Marshall jagoda, Marshall Fragola, מרשל תות, Маршалл Клубника, 마샬 딸기, マーシャルストロベリー, मार्शल स्ट्राबेरी, Marshall Fresa, Маршалл Полуниця, 马歇尔草莓, Маршал Јагоде, Marshall Maduixa, Маршал Ягода

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