Fresh Mangosteen


Fresh Mangosteens are a tropical fruit explosion that melts in your mouth. Inside each Mangosteen's woody dark purple shell are 5 to 7 plump, moist cream-colored sections whose flavor has been described as... "indescribable."


Savor Fresh Mangosteen by simply holding the fruit with the stem-end down and cut around the fruit's middle or "equator" with a sharp knife. Open the shell and lift each creamy white segment out with a fork. Mangosteen has a silky, mouthwatering texture and a flavor combination of ripe peach, creamy orange, strawberry and citrus. (It's often compared to a Lychee.) Decorate fruit platters or appetizer trays with beautiful half open mangosteen fruit cups that will keep your guests talking and asking for more!


Best eaten alone fresh out of the shell. Perfect in salads, fruit platters or as a dessert. Puree into sorbets or ice cream for a intense tropical flavor explosion. Keep refrigerated and use within 3 to 4 days. (May be frozen after peeling, but flavor is best enjoyed fresh.)




Translations: Svaigu mangostāna, Šviežia garcinijos, Mangosteen proaspete, Svježe Mangosteen, Măng Cụt tươi, ताजा Mangosteen, Свежий Мангостан, Νωπά Mangosteen, مانغوستين جديدة, 신선한 망고스틴, Čerstvé mangostanu, Manggis segar, 新鲜山竹, Fresc del Mangosta, Sveže mangosteen, Čerstvé mangostanu, Fresh mangostano, טרי Mangosteen, Färska Mangostan, Свеже Мангостеен, フレッシュマンゴスチン, Frais de mangoustan, Friske Mangosteen, Fersk Mangostan, Fresco del Mangosteen, Свіжий Мангостан, Tuore Mangosteen, Пресни Mangosteen

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Lychee, Rambutan, Longan



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