Twin Bee Gala Apple


The Twin Bee Gala is a very high-colored limb sport of Tenroy Gala that can be harvested seven to 10 days earlier. The fruits have a beautiful reddish-orange background and prominent red stripes that cover 90%% to 100%% of the surface. Flesh is crisp, firm, and juicy with a sweet flavor


Translations: Twin Bee Apple Gala, Twin Bee Gala &, التوأم أبل غالا النحلة, Twin Gala Apple Bee, Apple Gala Twin Bee, ツインビーガラアップル, 트윈 비 갈라 애플, Двоструки Бее Гала јабука, Twin Apple Gala Bee, התאומים אפל גאלה Bee, Twin Bee Gala Omena, Twin Bee kasiyahan Apple, ट्विन बी पर्व एप्पल, Твин-Би Apple Гала, Twin Apple Gala d'abelles, Твін-Бі Apple Гала, 双蜂嘎拉苹果, Apple Twin Bee Gala, Twin Apple Gala de abejas, Twin Bee Apple Гала



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