Williamsbirne Schnapps


Williamsbirne Schnapps is a strong, dry liqour which is flavored by the Williams pear, is very popular in Bavaria and is quite expensive and of much higher quality as compared to typical American syrup-based "schnapps".


Translations: Williamsbirne degvīna, Williamsbirne likeris, Williamsbirne schnapps, Williamsbirne rakija, Williamsbirne Schnaps, Williamsbirne snaps, Williamsbirne Шнапс, Williamsbirne المسكر, Williamsbirne 술이요, Williamsbirne kořalku, Williamsbirne施纳普斯, Williamsbirne žganice, Williamsbirne pálenku, Williamsbirne שנאפס, Williamsbirne Snaps, Виллиамсбирне ракије, Williamsbirneシュナップス, Williamsbirne Schnaps, Williamsbirne Snaps, Williamsbirne Шнапс, Williamsbirne snapsi, Williamsbirne ракия



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