Chhurpi Cheese


Chhurpi is a hard, dried smoked cheese eaten in the Eastern Himalayas. The Sherpas call it sherkam. Chhurpi is made from the milk of a yak or chauri (a hybrid of yak and cattle). It is prepared in a local dairy or at home from a material extracted out of buttermilk called sergem . The sergem is wrapped in clothand pressed hard to get rid of water. Then, it dries out and becomes similar to cheese. Finally, in this cheese-like stage; it is cut into pieces, and hung over the smoke to make it stone hard.


Other names: Durukowa, Durukho, Sherkam
Translations: Chhurpi Siers, Chhurpi Sūriai, Chhurpi Brânză, Chhurpi sira, Chhurpi Kaas, Chhurpi पनीर, Chhurpi Queijo, Chhurpi сыра, Chhurpi Τυρί, Chhurpi الجبن, Chhurpi 치즈, Chhurpi Sýry, Chhurpi Keju, Chhurpi奶酪, Chhurpi Formatge, Chhurpi Sir, Chhurpi Syry, Chhurpi Formaggio, Chhurpi גבינה, Chhurpi Ost, Цххурпи сир, Chhurpiチーズ, Chhurpi fromage, Chhurpi Queso, Chhurpi сиру, Chhurpi Juusto, Chhurpi сирене



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