Carignane Grape


Carignane is a type of red wine grape that originated in Aragon, Spain. It is widely grown in the Languedoc and Rousillion region of France, as well as Italy, California, Algeria and Israel.

The Carignane grape is purple in color and high in alcohol. Wines produced from this grape are characterised as fruity and spicy. The grape is often blended with other wines grapes like Cinsaut, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.


Other names: Carignano, Carignan
Translations: Carignane Vīnogu, Klyachko Vynuogių, Carignane de struguri, Carignane grožđa, Carignane nho, Carignane अंगूर, Carignane Uva, Каригнейн винограда, Carignane σταφυλιού, Carignane العنب, Carignane 포도, Carignane Hroznová, Carignane ubas, 佳丽酿葡萄, Carinyena Raïm, Carignan Hroznová, Carignane Uva, Carignane ענבים, Царигнане грожђа, カリグネイングレープ, Carignane raisin, Carignan Grape, Cariñena Uva, Карігнейн винограду, Carignane Гроздова



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