Deep-Water Redfish


The Deepwater redfish (Sebastes mentella) may reach a size of 55-70 cm, but is usually less than 45 cm. It lives in comparatively high concentrations in the North Atlantic, for example in the Irminger Sea where considerable numbers are fished. It occupies depths between 300 and 1000 metres and is often pelagic, i.e. far off the bottom. The deep-sea redfish feeds on a variety of food organisms, for example small fishes. In contrast to most fishes that spawn unfertilised eggs, the deepwater redfish has internal fertilisation and spawns free-living larvae.


Translations: Dziļūdens Jūras asaris, Giliavandenis jūrų ešerių, Adâncime sebastă, Duboke vode Redfish, Nước sâu Redfish, Karmazyna głębinowych, Deep-Water roodbaars, गहरे पानी Redfish, Redfish Deep Water-, Глубоководного окуня, Βαθέων υδάτων Σεβαστός, السمك الأحمر في المياه العميقة, 심수 홍민어, Deep-Voda Okouník, Дубоко воде Редфисх, Deep Water-Redfish, 深层水雷德菲什, Gallineta nòrdica en aigües profundes, Deep-Water Rdeči okun, Deep-Voda Ostriežik, Deep-Water Scorfano, עמוק מים Redfish, Djuphavsfiske Kungsfisk, Deep-Air Redfish, 深水レッドフィッシュ, Sébaste en eau profonde, Tiefsee-Rotbarsch, Deep-Water Rødfisk, Deep-Water Uer, Gallineta nórdica en aguas profundas, Глибоководного окуня, Syvänmeren Punasimppu, Дълбоководните морски костур



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