Galia Melon


Similar to a canteloupe, but with a green flesh interior, the Galia melon was grown originally in Israel, but is now also grown in the US, Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, and Panama.


Translations: Galia dinja, Gália Melon, Melon Galia, Galia Meloen, Galia तरबूज, Melon Galia, Галя дыни, Galia Πεπόνι, غاليا البطيخ, Galia 멜론, Galia Meloun, 加利亚甜瓜, Melon Galia, Galia Melona, Gália Meloun, Melon Galia, גליה מלון, Галиа Диња, ガリアメロン, Galia Melone, Melon Galia, Галя дині, Галя пъпеш



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