Black Gilliflower Apple


Black Gilliflower Apple is a large, long, conical, ribbed apple which, when highly colored, becomes almost purplish and has a distinctive unusual flavor, reminiscent of Spitzenburg, rich and sweet, with relatively dry flesh.


Translations: Melna Gilliflower Apple, Juoda Gilliflower Apple &, Black Apple Gilliflower, काले Gilliflower एप्पल, Black gilliflower Apple, Черный Gilliflower Apple, Μαύρο Gilliflower Apple, أسود Gilliflower أبل, 블랙 Gilliflower 애플, Černá fiala Apple, Hitam Gilliflower Apple, 苹果黑Gilliflower, Negre Gilliflower Apple, Čierna fiala Apple, שחור Gilliflower אפל, Блацк Гиллифлоуер јабука, ブラックGilliflowerアップル, Black Apple giroflée, Sort Gilliflower Apple, Negro Gilliflower Apple, Чорний Gilliflower Apple, Черно Gilliflower Apple



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