Calorie free sugar substitute with a slight bitter flavor. Usually sold in a concetrated powder. Good for adding to drinks, fruit, yogurt, and a variety of desserts, however, aspartame is not suitable for baking because it breaks down when heated and loses much of its sweetness.

Often sold under the brand names Equal and NutraSweet.


Translations: Aspartāms, Aspartamas, Aspartamul, Aspartam, Aspartam, Aspartaam, Aspartam, Аспартам, Η ασπαρτάμη, الأسبارتام, Aspartam, Aspartam, 阿斯巴甜, El aspartam, Aspartam, Aspartám, אספרטם, Aspartam, Аспартаме, アスパルテーム, Aspartam, Aspartam, El aspartamo, Аспартам, Aspartaami, Аспартамът

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Sucralose

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