Egremont Russet Apple


Egremont Russet is a small to medium-sized apple was popular with the Victorians, originally produced in West Sussex, England. They have browny-green skin and taste sweet with some tartness with a nutty flavor. Like any variety of apple, they can be used in cooked, baked and used in fruit shakes, juices, salads and cakes.


Translations: Egremontニュウナイスズメアップル, Egremont راسيت أبل, Egremont crvenka Apple, Egremont Рассет Apple, Egremont russet Apple, Egremont חום אדמדם אפל, Егремонт Руссет јабука, Egremont 적갈색 애플, Egremont pulang kayumanggi Apple, Egremont russet Apple, Egremont लाल सा एप्पल, Egremont Рассет Apple, 埃格雷蒙特红褐色苹果, Egremont Crvenka Apple, Russet Egremont Apple, Egremont шаяк Apple



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