Rival Apricot


The fruit of the apricot tree resembles a small, yellow peach and is used for drying, desserts, preserves and canning. They can grow up to 25 feet in height and require full sun and medium water with good drainage. Brown rot, fruit bark beetle, peach borer, plum curculio and San Jose scale can all be a problem.


Translations: Sāncensis Aprikožu, Rival Abrikosų, Rival caise, Rival marelica, Mai đối thủ, Apricot rywala, प्रतिद्वंद्वी खूबानी, Конкурировать абрикос, Rival Βερίκοκο, منافس المشمش, 라이벌 살구, Rival Meruňka, Rival Aprikot, Karibal Apricot, 竞争对手杏, Rival d'albercoc, Tekmec Marelični, Rival Meruňka, Rival Albicocca, היריבים Apricot, Rival Aprikos, Кајсија ривал, ライバルアプリコット, Rival d'abricot, Rival Abrikos, Rival de albaricoque, Конкурувати абрикос, Rival Aprikoosi, Съперник Кайсия



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