Berkeley Blueberries


Berkeley Blueberries, one of the larger species of blueberries, are a light blue color and are well-known for their non-overpowering taste and although they do not ship well, they stay fairly well after being harvested.


Translations: Berkeley mellenēm, Berkeley vaivorai, Afinele Berkeley, Berkeley Borovnice, Berkeley quất, Berkeley Borówki, Berkeley Bosbessen, बर्कले ब्लूबेरी, Беркли голубика, Berkeley Προσκοπίνες, بيركلي العنب البري, 버클리 블루베리, Berkeley Borůvky, Berkeley Blueberry, Berkeley blueberries, 伯克利蓝莓, Berkeley nabius, Berkeley Borovnice, Berkeley Čučoriedky, Berkeley Mirtilli, ברקלי אוכמניות, Berkeley blåbär, Беркли Боровнице, バークレーブルーベリー, Berkeley Bleuets, Berkeley Heidelbeeren, Berkeley Blåbær, Berkeley Blåbær, Berkeley arándanos, Берклі лохина, Berkeley Mustikat, Бъркли боровинки



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