Butterbeans Soy Bean


Butterbean Edamame Beans are a high protein food with a tender, buttery, sweet flavor which can easily be eaten straight from the boiled pod. These beans are high in vitamins A, B, calcium, and iron. They are also very high in fiber and essential fatty acids.


Translations: Butterbeans sojos, Butterbeans de soia, Butterbeans đậu nành, Butterbeans सोया बीन, Butterbeans сои, Butterbeans فول الصويا, Butterbeans 소이 콩, Butterbeans sóji, Kacang Soy Bean, Butterbeans toyo Bean, Butterbeans大豆, Butterbeans Soja, Butterbeans sóje, Butterbeans סויה שעועית, Butterbeans sojabönor, Буттербеанс соја, Butterbeans大豆, Butterbeans Soja, Butterbeans sojabønner, Butterbeans Soja, Butterbeans сої, Butterbeans soijapapu, Butterbeans соя



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