Lambrusco Wine


A light, low alcohol, sparkling wine from Italy. Available in red, white and rose varieties that vary from sweet to dry.


Other names: Lambrusco
Translations: Lambrusco Vynas, Lambrusco de vin, Lambrusco Vino, Lambrusco Rượu, Wijn Lambrusco, Lambrusco वाइन, Vinho Lambrusco, Ламбруско вина, Lambrusco Οίνος, Lambrusco النبيذ, Lambrusco 와인, Víno Lambrusco, Lambrusco Anggur, Lambrusco Alak, 干红葡萄酒酒, Vi Lambrusco, Víno Lambrusco, Lambrusco, יין Lambrusco, Lambrusco Vin, Ламбрусцо Вино, ランブルスコワイン, Lambrusco Wein, Lambrusco Vin, Vino Lambrusco, Ламбруско вина, Lambrusco Viini, Вино Ламбруско

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