Blessed Thistle


Blessed Thistle is a plant with fuzzy leaves and yellow flowers used to aid digestion, help congested liver, increase breast milk production and elevate mood.


Translations: Svētlaimīgs Thistle, Palaimintas Thistle, Blago Thistle, Thistle błogosławiony, Gezegende Thistle, धन्य थीस्ल, Счастливый Чертополох, المباركة الشوك, 축복받은 엉겅퀴, Blahoslavení Thistle, Berbahagialah Thistle, Mapalad tistle, 有福提斯特尔, Cardo Beneït, Blahoslavení Thistle, Beato Thistle, ברוך גדילן, Благословљен Тхистле, 祝福シスル, Chardon béni, Salige Thistle, Velsignet Thistle, Cardo Bendito, Щасливий Чортополох, Siunattu Thistle, Благословен Thistle



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