Dead Man's Fingers


Dead man's fingers is a fungus/mushroom that grows up in spires, like fingers, that are white in the spring, darkening to almost black in the fall.


Translations: Δάχτυλα Dead Man του, الرجل الميت الأصابع, Mŕtvy muž prsty, Мерця пальців, デッドマンの指, 죽은 남자의 손가락, Mrtvý muž prsty, Dead man's Fingers, Деад Ман'с прсти, Dead Man's Vingers, Daliri Dead Man's, मरे हुए आदमी फिंगर्स, האיש המת אצבעות, Fingers Dead Man's, Los dedos del hombre muerto, 死了人的手指, Мертвеца пальцев, Els dits de l'home mort, Dead Man's пръстите



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