Bombino Bianco Grapes


[bom-BEE-noh BYAHN-koh] White-wine grape that is grown in southeast Italy, primarily in apulia and abruzzi but also in marche and latium. Bombino Bianco generally produces bland, low-alcohol wines used primarily with other grape varieties for blends and sometimes for vermouth. In Abruzzi, a doc called trebbiano d'abruzzo uses this grape, which is also called Trebbiano d'Abruzzo (although it's unrelated to trebbiano). Some producers in this DOC carefully prune the Bombino Bianco vines, thereby reducing the yield and generating more flavorful grapes, which result in wines that can be quite good. The better examples exhibit creamy and citrusy characteristics. Bombino Bianco is also known as Pagadebit or Pagadebito and Zapponara Bianca.


Translations: Bombino Bianco Vīnogas, Bombino Bianco Vynuogės, Bombino Bianco Struguri, Grožđe Bombino Bianco, Bombino Bianco Nho, Winogrona Bombino Bianco, Bombino Bianco Druiven, Bombino Bianco अंगूर, Bianco Uvas Bombino, Виноград Bombino Bianco, Bombino Σταφύλια Bianco, العنب Bombino بيانكو, Bombino의 Bianco 포도, Bombino Bianco bobulí, Bombino Bianco Anggur, Bombino Bianco mga ubas, 邦比诺比安科葡萄, Barret Raïms Bianco, Bombino Bianco Grozdje, Bombina Bianco bobúľ, Uva Bombino Bianco, Bombino ענבי ביאנקו, Bombino Bianco Vindruvor, Бомбино Бианцо грожђа, バンビーノビアンコぶどう, Cépages Bianco Bombino, Bombino Bianco Trauben, Bombino Bianco Druer, Bombino Bianco Druer, Bombino Uvas Bianco, Виноград Bombino Bianco, Bombino Bianco Viinirypäleet, Bombino Bianco Грозде



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