An Italian cheese made from goats' milk. The name comes from the Italian word for goat (capra), though modern methods is made from either a mix of goats' and cows' milk or sometimes just cows' milk. Caprino is produced as both fresco (fresh) and stagionato (seasoned). Fresh caprino is aged for four days and ends up with a soft, creamy texture. It has a round shape and is wrapped in paper or immersed in olive oil when shipped (to preserve it). Seasoned caprino is aged for 20-40 days, sometimes longer. This causes the cheese to be saltier and have a more tangy flavor. The rind of the seasoned caprino is thin and yellow or red in color.


Translations: 卡普里诺, カプリーノ, Цаприно, Caprí



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