Caul Fat


A very thin, lace-like fat that comes from a variety of animals, including pork, beef, and lamb. It can be wrapped around a lean cut of meat prior to roasting to enhance flavor and keep it moist. It is also used like sausage casing with forcemeats. When cooked the caul fat melts and becomes an incredibly delicate, almost imperceptible, outer layer on whatever it's been cooked.

It can be difficult to find and is not common in supermarketes, check with your local butcher.


Translations: Taukplēve Tauki, Riebokšlis Riebalai, Epiploon Fat, Privjesak Fat, Màng mỏng Fat, Sadło Fat, Darmvlies Fat, कोल फैट, Жир-Кол, Σκέπες Fat, برقع الجنين فات, 대망막 지방, Podkožní tuk tuk, Tubig na balat ng anumang prutas Fat, 考尔发, Caul greix, Posteljica Fat, Podkožný tuk tuk, Omento Fat, כיפת לידה שמן, Fosterhinnor Fat, Плацента масти, 大網脂肪, Netmave Fat, Caul grasa, Жир-Кол, Onnenkypärä Fat, Булото Дебел

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Thinly sliced bacon, Thinly sliced pancetta

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