Gypsy Mushroom


The gypsy mushroom is an edible mushroom that grows all over forested areas and has a cinnamon spice flavor.


Translations: Gypsy Μανιτάρια, Čigonų Mushroom, الغجر الفطر, Gypsy Huby, Ţiganilor de ciuperci, Gypsy gljiva, Gypsy Houby, Gypsy Nấm, צועני פטריות, 吉普赛蘑菇, 집시 버섯, Hitano kabute, जिप्सी मशरूम, Цыганский Mushroom, Циганський Mushroom, ジプシーのきのこ, Циган гљива, Gypsy Jamur, Цигански гъби

Physical Description

Tan cap with wrinkled margins. Thick, pale stalk.

Colors: yellow-orange to orange-brown

Tasting Notes

Flavors: mint, cinnamon
Mouthfeel: Tender, Spicy
Food complements: Beef, Rice, Tomato

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: august, september, opctober
Choosing: Make sure to discard tough stalks.
Procuring: Gypsy mushrooms grow mostly in northern zones, especially with conifer trees.



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