Camels Milk


According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, camel milk contains three times the vitamin C in cow's milk. It is also high in iron, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin B, and is beneficial for people with diabetes.


Other names: Camel Milk
Translations: Kamieļu piena, Kupranugariai Pienas, Lapte Camels, Deva Mlijeko, Sữa lạc đà, Mleko Wielbłądy, Kamelen melk, ऊंट दूध, O leite de camelo, Верблюды молока, Καμήλες Γάλα, حليب الإبل, 낙타 우유, Velbloudi Mléko, Камиле млека, 骆驼奶, Llet de camell, Kamele Milk, Ťavy Mlieko, Cammelli Latte, חלב גמלים, Kameler Mjölk, Susu unta, ラクダのミルク, Chameaux Lait, Kamele Milch, Kameler Mælk, Kameler Milk, Leche de camello, Верблюди молока, Kameleille Maito, Камили Мляко

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Cremay - almost condensed-milk-flavored
Mouthfeel: Coating, Buttery, With a slight acid aftertaste

Preparation and Use

Drink chilled, or make into ice creams



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