Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce


Very crisp heads with an excellent flavor. This romaine lettuce dates back to the 18th century. The leaves are 10-12 inches tall and are beautiful, deep-red in color.


Translations: Cimmaron Romaine salāti, Cimmaron Romaine Salotos, Salată Cimmaron Romaine, Cimmaron Romaine zelena salata, Rau diếp Cimmaron Romaine, Sałata rzymska Cimmaron, Cimmaron bindsla, Cimmaron romaine लेटिष, Cimmaron Romaine alface, Симмарон ромейн, Cimmaron μαρούλι, Cimmaron رومان الخس, Cimmaron 로메인 양상추, Cimmaron Římský salát, Циммарон Ромаине салата, Cimmaron Romaine litsugas, 西马郎生菜, Cimmaron Enciam Romana, Cimmaron Romaine solata, Cimmaron Rímsky šalát, Cimmaron lattuga romana, Cimmaron חסה, Cimmaron romansallad, Cimmaron Selada Romaine, シマロンロメインレタス, Laitue Romaine Cimmaron, Cimmaron Romanasalat, Cimmaron Romaine Salat, Cimmaron Romaine Salat, Cimmaron Lechuga Romana, Сіммарон Ромейн, Cimmaron romaine, Cimmaron Romaine маруля



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