Bone-In Ham


A Bone-In Ham is a butt or shank portion or a whole or half leg that has the hip, thigh and/or shank bone remaining as part of the ham. Bone-in hams tend to be more attractive and flavorful, with slightly longer cooking times, than other sorts of ham.


Translations: Kaulu-In Ham, Kaulų Ham, Os Ham, Bone-u Hamu, Szynki z kością,, Ham, बोन हाम में, Presunto bone-in, Костями Хэм, Οστών-In Χαμ, العظم في لحم الخنزير, 뼈 - 햄 있음, Kostní-v šunce, Bone-Sa Ham, 带骨火腿, Pernil amb os, Kostnej-v šunke, Prosciutti non disossati, עצם ב שינקין, Ben Ham, Кости у Хем, 骨ハム, Jambon avec os, Knochen aus Ham, Bone-I Ham, Jamón con hueso, Кістками Хем, Luita sisältävään kinkkuun, Кости Хям

Physical Description

A classic bone in ham can be large and heavy because it consists of an entire upper fleshy portion of the leg. It can also be in the form of a pork butt which is only the upper portion of the leg. Pork butt is fattier. A shank end is the lower half of the leg which is much leaner.

Colors: Pink flesh with brown skin

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Salty
Mouthfeel: Tender, Chewy
Food complements: Most vegetables, Potatoes
Wine complements: Rosé wines, Red wines
Substitutes: Turkey, Chicken, Beef

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: It depends on whether you want a meaty piece or a fatty piece. The butt shank is more fatty while the shank is leaner. Choose a piece that looks fresh and pink, not brown.
Buying: Bone in ham is available all the time at your local meat markets.

Preparation and Use

Bone in ham is extremely easy to cook. Simply season it the way you'd like and most popularly, it is then roasted in the oven and served sliced. Cut it into squares and it can be boiled in a soup.

Cleaning: Bone in ham does not need to be cleaned. Simply take it out of the package and it is ready for cooking!

Conserving and Storing

If the ham is fresh, make sure to keep it in air tight in your refrigerator but it needs to be cooked promptly. By purchasing salted or smoked hams, they can last longer. On average, an unopened package of ham lasts about a week.



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