Canaiolo Grape (Vine)


Canaiolo is an old red Italian wine grape grown through Central Italy but is most noted in Tuscany.
Other Italian regions: Lazio, Marche, Sardegna and Umbria.

[A common variety of Tuscany grape, that grows on an ancient Sangiovese vine and indigenous to the land, used to produce Chianti and other Tuscan red wines.]


Other names: Tindiloro, Caccione Nero, Uva Donna, Canaiuolo, Canaiolo Nero, Uva Canina, Uva Merla, Cannaiola
Translations: Canaiolo Vīnogas, Canaiolo Vynuogės, Struguri Canaiolo, Canaiolo Grožđe, Canaiolo Chùm nho, Winogrona Canaiolo, Canaiolo Druiven, Canaiolo अंगूर, Uvas Canaiolo, Канайоло виноград, Canaiolo Σταφύλια, Canaiolo العنب, Canaiolo 포도, Canaiolo Hrozny, Цанаиоло Грожђе, Canaiolo ubas, Canaiolo葡萄, Canaiolo, Canaiolo Grozdje, Canaiolo Hrozno, Canaiolo, ענבי Canaiolo, Canaiolo Druvor, Canaiolo Anggur, カナイオーロブドウ, Canaiolo Cépages, Canaiolo, Canaiolo Druer, Canaiolo Druer, Canaiolo, Канайоло виноград, Canaiolo Viinirypäleet, Canaiolo Гроздето

Physical Description

Very resistant to drought, still has declined in popularity over the years. Its requirement of warm autumns and low yields has dissuaded many growers.

Colors: Round berry grape, with a purplish blue peel.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Smells of incense and spice.

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: As wine:
Canaiolo Toscano it's dry, 11.5 to 12 degrees alcohol;
As additional variety, (just to mention few of them):
Canaiolo di Riomaggiore, (La Spezia province, Liguria) it's sweet, 13 to 14 degrees alcohol;
Canaiolo di Marta, (Viterbo province, Lazio) it's mildly sweet, 10,5 to 11 degrees alcohol;
Rosso Orvietano Canaiolo DOC (Terni, Lazio);
Canaiolo Rosso or Cannaiola (Tuscia, Bolsena Lake, Lazio);

Chianti Forteguerra 2007 Guerrini;
Chianti Colli Senesi 2006 – La Cignozza;
Chianti 2008 Ruffino;

Procuring: Harvested in September.


History: Local legends tell that the Etruscans were the first to cultivate it.
It's already mentioned in the early 1300 'treatise of rural economy' by Pier de Crescenzi.



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