Cascabel Pepper


A small round chile, approximately 1 inch or slightly larger in length, that turns dark rusty to brownish red in color when mature. The cascabel chile has a mild to medium hot intensity and provides a nutty, somewhat earthy or smoky flavor to sauces, salsas, soups, stews, and meats. This chile is also known as a chile bola.


Translations: カスカベルペッパー, Cascabel Pipirai, Cascabel فلفل, Cascabel Korenie, Цасцабел бибер, Cascabel 페퍼, Cascabel Pepř, Cascabel פפר, Cascabel Lada, Bembe Pepper, Cascabel पेप्पर, Cascabel Pimienta, Каскейбел Пеппер, 卡斯卡韦尔辣椒, Каскейбел Пеппер, Cascavell Pebre, Cascabel пипер



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